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May 7, 2020 best whale watching tours in puerto vallarta, sightsings guaranteed. My friends boyfriend was one of the guys who helped free them when he called her you could hear him from across the room on her cell phone. We invite you to enjoy february 14 with a great boat trip. Puerto vallarta whale watching tours are exceedingly popular around this time and for very good reason. Puerto vallarta whale watching is fantastic from the month of december all the way up to late march. Eco guided tour with marine mammal experts, small boats for 12 passengers, with canvas roof and bathroom, activity level. In fact our head guide elisa has seen whales on over 99% of the tours she has led. Wildlife connection offers you the ultimate in encounters with nature, such as whale watching tours vallarta, whale safari, whales in vallarta, and the opportunity to observe and swim with dolphins in their natural environment, swim with dolphins in the wild, swimming with dolphins, our program is with totally freebo ttlenose dolphins in the waters of banderas bay, the same bay where. Puerto vallarta whale watching tours take you to see humpback whales mothers ant their calves in the bay of banderas a large portion of the boats in the bay of banderas, whether for fishing or touring, likewise run whale watching tours decembermidmarch. Swim with whale sharks of baja puerto vallarta mexico. By the start of the official puerto vallarta whale watching season, december 8th, the population of humpback whales in the bay of banderas in puerto vallarta all but guarantees multiple whale encounters on every tour. Like every year, around this time, the whale watching season arrives in puerto vallarta and riviera nayarit, starting on december 8 until march 23. You cant get out because you are stuck in their huge resort with no way out.

She is certified by mexican government as a naturalist guide and an environmentalist instructor. An absolute must while on puerto vallarta, because the whales are here for about 4 monthsayear only, so take advantage and whether youre here for the first or been here for a gazillion times, or if you made it here by driving, flying or cruising, come on and get to enjoy what we are proud to rate. Watch these magnificent creatures in their native environment with ecologicallysensitive whalewatching tours in puerto vallarta. Humpback whales in puerto vallarta whale watch vallarta. Youll see whales as they migrate from the arctic to breed and rear their young in the sheltered. Get ready to cruise the marietas islands marine preserve aboard one of our classic sailboats for a whale of an adventure. View whales, dolphins, manta rays, and other sea life while you experience the serenity of sailing the experience of a lifetime.

Look for humpback whales off the coast of mexico on a halfday whalewatching tour from puerto vallarta. Secure your spot for one of puerto vallartas most popular seasonal activitieswhale watching in banderas bay. The whaleplanner december a whale watching infographic. Humpback whales are the species most frequently seen during the puerto vallarta whale watching season. We are all very excited about this, being able to offer our guests another amazing destination for whale watching in puerto vallarta, mexico. Oscar is a consultant to the department of oceanography and ecotourism.

Wildlife connection offers the ultimate wildlife experience on our whale watching tours and the rare opportunity to swim or play with a bottlenose dolphin in the wild with the free dolphin program across the blue waters of banderas bay, at the same time participate in a research project that helps us to understand and protect the dolphins and whales in puerto vallarta. Eco explorer offer small groups on the best and more confortable boats with personalized attention and all the equipment necessary to. Learn about puerto vallarta whale watching rules and regulations. Large dolphin populations swim very close to shore, and this is a unique opportunity to swim with them in their natural habitat. The gray whale and its arrivals to puerto vallarta. Humpback whales are a noshow in puerto vallarta this past winter, puerto vallarta recorded a decline of over 50% in humpback whale arrivals according to deep blue conservancy. Another study of whale watching in puerto adolfo lopez mateos palm, baja.

Ocean friendly whale watching tours offers daily and customized trips to discover the realm of whales and dolphins in the bay off puerto vallarta, mexico. Observe pacific coast wildlifelook for dolphins and sea turtles. We offer the best prices in town and a free puerto vallarta discount card to boot. Puerto vallarta mexico is the winter home for several pods of whales. Humpback whales in puerto vallarta puerto vallarta whale. Whale watch on three excursionson three separate excursions, spend unhurried hours among the humpback whales that come to banderas bay to mate and birth their young. To download the full whaleplanner as a graphic, please just click this link and. Youll see sights and capture photos you wont ever forget. Whale watch vallarta is the new sister operation for whale watch cabo. Whale watching puerto vallarta whale watch cabo tours. Discounts on sailing with whales in puerto vallarta mexico.

Ecoexplorer puerto vallarta, mexico jet ski, kayak. These humpbacks are members of the north eastern pacific population. Smallgroup halfday whalewatching tour in puerto vallarta. Puerto vallarta whale watching puerto vallarta whale. Registering with your consulate while traveling to mexico. This is an activity intended to help mother earth and her richness. Puerto vallarta tours eco explorer mexico kayak fishing. To prove it we are matching all online pricing on the tours we offer.

Spend half a day on the water and enjoy complimentary snacks, soft drinks, and beer, while you look for humpback whales for an experience you couldnt replicate independently. Tickets for whale watching in puerto vallarta tiqets. There was a mama whale and a baby whale today trapped in an illegal fishing net. Whalecome to vallarta whales a company pioneer in whale watching and ecotourism in puerto vallarta and banderas bay. Whale adventures puerto vallarta 2020 all you need to. Puerto vallarta, mexico offers many ecological tours, but nothing compares to the thrill of whale watching on banderas bay. This specialized excursion begins in december each year and runs until march. In january 1972, the mexican government created the worlds first marine. Whales, dolphins, water parks, marietas or canopy check with the travel agency to collect coupon, service does not include transportation hotel activities hotel or gratuities. Puerto vallarta whale watching is one of the most popular pastimes in this seafaring town on mexicos pacific coast. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Whale season in puerto escondido starts in december and tails off in march of every year. This work has great significance because it is the result of the efforts of many prominent citizens, hoteliers, restaurant owners, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, the public administration. Join a whale watching expedition in sparkling blue mexican waters. Whale sharks and nature wonders of the yucatan penninsula. These whales take up to three months from its journey from the icy waters of the arctic to puerto vallarta, where the route is about 20 000 km, for the sole purpose of mating. Every single year from the middle of december to the beginning of april, the waters of banderas bay are visited by droves of humpback whales who come to breed in the bay. Its a charming place, with a pretty downtown, a lovely seafront malecon, or boardwalk, good restaurants and a long, beautiful beach. Whale watching tour in puerto vallarta is one of the most rewarding experiences to be in puerto vallarta on banderas bay, is being in real contact with nature, this experience becomes unique and exciting to be in the atmosphere of the majestic humpback whales megaptera novaeangliae, also known as yubarta, jibarte or xibarte. Oscar frey is an oceanologist and whale photographer and started his puerto vallarta whale watching tours in banderas bay in 1994, while also running a research program involving humpback whale distribution, numbers and behavior in this area of the mexican pacific. Every whale watching tour has to get an official authorization from semarnat for its single vessel or corporate events. The season of whale watching in puerto vallarta brings thousands of people out on the water to see the great marine mammals up close. Contact us whale watching in puerto vallarta, dolphin. Whale watching in puerto vallarta the travelling boomer. If youre looking for whale watching tours in puerto vallarta, book one with vallarta adventures.

Very good season in puerto vallarta for whale watching tours. Whale watching in puerto vallarta, dolphin tours mexico. The mexican navy and some of the rescue teamdivers from vallarta adventures helped free the whales. Dolphin and whale watching in puerto escondido hecktic. Whale adventures puerto vallarta all you need to know. Ocean friendly whale watching tours puerto vallarta. Open air expeditions in puerto vallarta mexico the whale watching center. Whale watching season opens in vallarta nayarit december 8.

All of our whale watching trips in puerto vallarta you are likely to encounter humpback whales, orcas as know as killer whales,bottle nose dolphin, common dolphins, sea lions, giant sea turtles,many species of sea birds and other marine animals right here in beautiful puerto vallarta they call. We believe that ecotourism is not only a different way of traveling, it is also a way to manage and protect the natural resources of the world, through creating greater environmental awareness in travelers. In mexico we visit the blue whales, gray whales, dolphins and sperm whales. Open air expediciones of puerto vallarta, mexico the. A few vessels are outfitted with hydrophones for listening to the whales singing and employ trained marine biologists, others utilize. Ocean friendly tours is a new concept in responsible tour operation in puerto vallarta with a unique visual and acoustic approach to the marine world of puerto vallarta, mexico. Deep blue conservancy has partnered with ocean friendly tours as another resource for our research, education and conservation programs ocean friendly tours was privileged to be designated and recognized as one of trip advisors top 10 great wildlife tours in the world ocean friendly tours has been awarded with a trip advisor certificate of excellence for 2011. This makes observing and, yes, swimming with them a people treat in september and october when the whale sharks make their annual fall return to. Record underwater songson a sunset boat excursion, we locate male whales and record their distinctive otherworldly songs, which are often repeated for hours on end. Superior whale watching tour season, from december 8th until march 23rd without a doubt, one of the highlights of puerto vallarta. Ocean friendly whale watching tours puerto vallarta mexico.

Enjoy the sunshine on decks as your guide tells you about the fascinating puerto vallarta marine system. Puerto vallarta whale watching regulations puerto vallarta. Why whale watching in puerto vallarta and banderas bay, because is the sanctuary of giant marine mammals in this environment and we can enjoy watching the most spectacular whale species, which captivates with its impressive splash, tail, fluttering, beautiful games offspring, and no doubt astonish you to hear the amazing songs of these wonderful whales, be. Whale watching puerto vallarta excursions in mexico. Humpback whales arrive in puerto vallarta and riviera nayarit. At ocean friendly tours we provide a specialized and personalized service that blends professional knowledge of the marine environment and safety with love and care for. Learn about the majestic animals from your marine biologist guide as you ride on a small boat that is equipped with a restroom. But it also has an attraction most visitors dont know about. From late november to late march, hundreds of humpback whales migrate down from the cold waters of the north pacific ocean to our less cold waters. The 20172018 whale watching season officially opens december 8, giving everyone a chance to observe humpback whales in their natural habitat.

From december to march, the banderas bay of puerto vallarta offers some of the greatest whale watching opportunities in the world. Especially as our good friend and fellow biologist elisa arcangeli is now a partner in whale watch vallarta. You can snorkel and then enjoy the open bar on board the sailboat. Tour sailing with whales with vallarta adventures puerto. Best on puerto vallarta is the only tour company in the area that can get you closer to these amazing giants than you ever thought was possible. This population has been estimated to now be over 18,000 whales and their annual growth rate estimated between 67%. A chief researcher recorded less than 400 of the whales in the bay of banderas compared to a normal year where more than are observed. Services outside the hotel are the responsibility of the supplier and apply rules, schedules and assurance on behalf of each supplier. Whale watching safari departs from puerto vallarta a photo captures a single moment in time, and this specialized excursion is designed to create that very moment when you encounter dolphins and majestic humpback whales in the wild.

Whale watching tours are regulated by the mexican government in puerto vallarta, as they. While not necessarily soft and cuddly, the up to 60feet whale sharks, the worlds largest fish, eat plankton not people. Whale watching the best of puerto vallarta provided by. Puerto vallarta, mexico is a great winter destination, and for all the usual reasons.

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