Using gutters for bookshelves

I never would of thought of using rain gutters like this. Gloria adams, grade 5 teacher, reports the occurrence of atypical behavior in her classroom since installing rain gutters. Rain gutters can be useful we all know that lots of indoor and outdoor diy ideas flooding the internet. The bookshelves in his new room are made from rain gutters. Diy raingutter bookshelves how to make homemade rain gutter bookshelves. Spread the lovehow to build a bookshelf out of a vinyl rain gutter diy my girls have a bunk bed in their room and our oldest has the top bunk. I like the idea of spray painting them to coordinate with the rooms color scheme. In this creative project, sean buino shows us how to create wall bookshelves using vinyl rain gutters. However, there was no ikea trip planned in the near future and i decided i didnt like how i was limited to the fairly narrow. Here is a stepbystep guide for how to install the rain gutter bookshelves. Best wood to use for diy bookshelves this old house. Id like to paint mine red too, and put it under the bulletin board.

This is the first year that i have displayed my books in rain gutters. I thought i was going to be able to break out my new compound miter saw that i got for christmas. They are perfect for that small space under your board that is usually pretty unusable. This is a stepbystep guide for making a book shelf out of vinyl gutters. Full step by step tutorial to install rain gutter bookshelves which is the perfect. So i grabbed the end caps and hangers and a 90 degree elbow. For those of you who tuned in to the hometalk facebook live segment on mine and robs house a few weeks ago, you may remember someone tuning in and suggesting i do a rain gutter bookshelf project. When you make bookshelves out of rain gutters, youre using zero floor space its total genius, and yes, we totally found it on facebook. Easy diy rain gutter bookshelves how to install anikas diy life. Turn leftover lengths of rain gutters into a diy book shelf for kids reading. How to build a book shelf out of a vinyl rain gutter diy. Bookshelves made with raingutter materials are practical in rooms where floor space is limited. Kids love to go to the library and this is a super easy way to bring that feel and fun to.

When my wife mentioned that she wanted me to install some book shelves i was psyched. Trelease 2001 recently presented the idea of using rain gutters, as a cost effective approach to displaying books in the classroom, at a full day workshop for teachers in phoenix, arizona. They sag under a lot of weight, dent and scratch easily, dont offer longterm rigidity, and require extra support for long spans. She gives great instructions how to make and install your own shelves. I know what youre thinking, another rain gutter bookshelf idea. Aug 07, 2009 check out kimberlys site from raising olives for a tutorial on how to make rain gutter shelves. Assemble gutter shelves if youre using end caps or corner pieces, attach them to the straight gutters and arrange everything how youd like it to look once its up on the wall. Start assembling the gutter shelves by making small signs with a pencil where they will be mounted. Yes these are made from the rain gutters you buy at any home improvement store. See more ideas about rain gutter shelves, gutter bookshelf and shelves. Join gutters after my end caps were on, i took one of the shelves that had a left end cap and slipped on the bottomcushion part of the joiner.

My kids books were always getting thrown around and unorganized so i had my hubby drill these rain gutters into the wall studs for the perfect bookshelf storage. We got 2 long rain gutters and i cut them up to make the bookshelves. Mar 08, 2017 rain gutter bookshelves hold books in this face front view which is perfect to peak a childs curiosity. They can store the books with the covers facing out so kids can easily select the book. Here are my perfectionist, notvery familiarwithpowertools instructions for installing your own rain gutter book shelves. These are not the beginner books, but large chapter books. Rain gutter bookshelves a bright idea teaching maddeness. Rain gutters lie uselessly in our attic, so getting a little creative can result in useful decors. A diy bookshelf made with a rain gutter ganz parent club guest post rain gutter shelves gutter bookshelf baby decor kids decor nursery decor bookshelves kids book shelves toy rooms little girl rooms. Tips to make rain gutter bookshelves for your classroom. Jun 24, 2018 rain gutter bookshelves is a great way to transform simple things into more useful ones. But do you know you can even make bookshelves out of them. Mar 02, 20 read about the theory behind the rain gutter bookshelves. When choosing wood, avoid boards that are roughhewn or have knots or poorly graded sides, making them more difficult to finish and paint.

How to make rain gutter bookshelves premium onepiece. Apr 12, 2014 many years ago, i saw these amazing bookshelves made from rain gutters. You will also love the diy kids bedside table with book storage, colorful boygirl shared room makeover and the diy ultimate toy organizer. The bare minimum for rain gutter bookshelves includes. Rain gutter book shelves with pictures instructables. I wanted the top shelf to hold geography and nature study books, and the bottom shelf to hold preschool and science books that we are currently using. Like many other participants, i was motivated to return to my building to start installing rain gutters.

Easy diy rain gutter bookshelves how to install anika. Diy rain gutter bookshelves are one of my favorite projects since they are very. However, you can also buy basic vinyl gutters very cheaply, making it a viable alternative to buying the often lowquality flatpacked bookshelves. Theyre perfect because they are durable, inexpensive and super easy to install. Rain gutters are useful for keeping your roof from leaking and your foundation from cracking. Diy raingutter bookshelves how to make homemade rain gutter.

Originally, i planned to add some ikea spice rack bookshelves like id seen on ikea hackers. This is a stepbystep guide for making a bookshelf out of vinyl gutters. Follow on facebook and bring more love and life into your home. But repurpose, and upcycle has done it here quite beautifully. As for cost, wood would have been cheaper without a. Sep 01, 2016 this is a stepbystep guide for making a book shelf out of vinyl gutters. These bookshelves made out of rain gutters yes, you read that correctly are nothing new. Double check the gutter bookshelves if they are enough stabile, safe and in level. Full step by step tutorial to install rain gutter bookshelves. You will be needing some rain gutters as your key supply along with other building notions. Wow, i was able to squeeze a ton of posts out of this one project. Avoid using particleboard, mdf, and softwoods like pine for bookshelves.

Easy diy rain gutter bookshelves how to install anikas. Bring gutters indoors for simple storage make neat bookshelves using gutters. How to install rain gutter bookshelves pretty handy girl. This is just the cutest kids room idea i have seen in a while.

Vinyl rain gutters our rain gutter shelves are all 5 feet or 2 12 feet long and the gutters come in 10 foot lengths. I am talking about making diy rain gutter bookshelves. Mar 17, 2012 the theory behind the rain gutter bookshelves. I have seen these rain gutter bookshelves several places online and have always thought they would. Wainscot wallpaper, restyled barn stars, transformed nightstand, mens shirt lampshade, and finally rain gutter bookshelves have all come together to complete the look. Rain gutter bookshelves rain gutter book shelf, gutter bookshelf. Rain gutter bookshelves are simple inexpensive way to present books to students in the classroom. Can you even imagine building a bookshelf using rain gutters. Traditional bookshelves are no friend to the wallet, and to do their job well, they often take up a ton of floor space. Diy raingutter bookshelves how to make homemade rain. How to create bookshelves from rain gutters youtube. Well, friends, i decided i would make my own and make sure these diy bookshelves actually looked great too. The vinyl rain gutter was the perfect fit for the gap between the wall and the bunk bed, and it had the lip the books needed to stay up and not fall out. Bedside shelves made of rain gutters enhance the look of your home decor.

Rain gutters are sturdy and take only a short time to be installed. How to install raingutter bookshelves home guides sf gate. Step 3 use a level mounted on a straight edge while you mark the locations for the hangars. Assembling rain gutter bookshelves is a great way to repurpose an old gutter system, especially if youre upgrading to a maintenancefree seamless gutter system. I have a small chalkboard on this wall and thought two rain gutter bookshelves below it would be just perfect for our current books. But theyre also useful for wait for it putting together bookshelves that help you store books while showing them off. Vinyl gutters helped to achieve our goal of creating bookshelves and a reading corner without introducing elements of danger the gutters are secure enough to hold books, but would bend under the weight of charm and prevent climbing. One of the projects i wanted to tackle was adding some bookshelves to display liams books. Carefully use a power drill to drill down the needed holes for screws. Unlike wooden bookcases, raingutter shelves wont scratch the flooring or leave imprints in carpet. I slid it on until the gutter was about half way in photo 1 then i took one of the shelves that had a right end cap and slide it on to the same joiner photo 2 until the left gutter piece and. If not using end caps, sand down the edges of the gutters so theyre smooth. Step 2 find the studs in the wall using the stud finder and mark them with a pencil. Also the ends are capped so there arent any sharp edges.

You can lace two or more shelves in a tandem to make like one in the picture. Jan, 20 i painted the bookshelves brown and then forced my poor superman to paint my white preschool tables brown and i bought brown framed chairs. The kids bedside table with book storage also works great for this purpose. Something so simple and mechanical has been repurposed into something that brings life into a room.

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