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Use islamicboard on your mobile phone and benefit from islamic discussions. Dhul qarnayn was a pious man and a godfearing waliy who owned vast lands stretching from east to west. Surah alkahf the cave is the 18th surah of the quran with 110 ayat. Rafik beekun the quran is a continuing source of guidance, and the guidance it offers is in the. Then dhul qarnayn proceeded towards the western extremity of the earth. At the time the quran was composed, alexander romance legends had been circulating through much of the known world, including the middle east. Discover islam connect with muslims worldwide is one of the. The tale of prophet dhulqarnayn as iskandar zulkarnaen. Dhu alqarnayn lit he of the two horns, also spelled zu alqarnayn, appears in the quran. Listen to dhulqarnayn soundcloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create 3 tracks. The final story in surah al kahf is in relation to dhulqarnayn. Unlocking the secrets of dhul qarnain akhenaten and.

The only negative was some errors in editing and spelling which i suppose is due to the translator as the original book is in arabic and i read it in english. The tale of prophet dhulqarnayn as iskandar zulkarnaen and gog magog yajuj majuj english edition based from the holy quran and alhadith. Prophet dhul qarnayn as or iskandar zulkarnaen he of the two horns or he of the two ages, appears in surah 18 verses 83101 of the holy quran one who travels to east and west and erects a wall. This question was still to be answered, when a scholar awarded this title of dhul qarneyn to alexander the great and another named cyrus to deserve this title. But the holy quran provides sufficient material in this connection. The passage from the tafsir can be found in section 1.

The quran narrates the story of how allah establishes dhul qarnayn as a powerful ruler on earth and allows the king the. Hazrat zulqarnain story in urdu pdf download 111n7l. Pdf dhul qarnain and the future of jerusalem researchgate. The question of the jewish rabbis is not about historical. This story, including the story of the people of the cave, was revealed in response to the efforts by the jews of mecca to discredit rasulullah saw. This urdu ebook is authored by maulana mufti mohammad shafi who is the greatest islamic scholar of pakistan. Peace n wisdom give n receive i have 6 books for sale. Dhul qarnayn, translated as the possessor of the two horns, is a legendary king mentioned in chapter 18 of the quran, sura alkahf the cave. Yajooj majooj and dhulqarnayn part 01 gog and maygogcyrus. I dont know how he gets there as its generally accepted that akhenaten died and then his son took over, they apparently also did some dna tests on a mummy and it showed that the mummy was tutankhamen father. In my opinion, this book makes the best case for revealing who the real dhul qarnain was. Pdf encountering jewish traditions in dhulqarnayns.

Dhul qarnayn s narrative in the quran could be interpreted without referring the jewish literature. Elsewhere the quran tells how the end of the world would be. Pdf first chapter dhulqarnayn and semiticaryan connection ali. This is an introductory video and if you follow this series you will eventually. The holy quran saheeh international al rashid mosque. There is also an image that can be labelled to show understanding of what dhul qarnain built and how it would help protect the people from yajuj and majuj. Dhul qarnayn is referred to in verse of chapter 18 surat lkahf the cave sahih international. Hazrat khizr peace be upon him has been very helpful to him in all his endeavours. So may we assign for you an expenditure that you might make between us and them a barrier.

But the scholars say dhulqarnayn he of two hornes here is meant that he reached the west and the east. Some say dhul qarnayn was a prophet but when you go deeper into quranic ayah it doesnt appear so watch as yasir qadhi gives an account on who dhul qarnayn. On one of these occasions, dhul qarnayn said, oh rafail, i hope that allah will extend my life so that i can excel in obeying and worshipping him. It is true that alexander has built a wall in central asia, like many other kings and conquerors before and after him. Shaykh yasir qadhi divulges information from verses 83 too 98 that deal with essentially the story of dhul qarnayn. Yajooj majooj and dhulqarnayn part 01 yajooj majooj location full documentary movie in urdu hindi. Some commenters say he is alexander the great or cyrus the great. We do this by addressing the following fundamental questions. The significance of the first ten days of dhul hijjah.

The story of alexander the great dhulqarnaynquran 18. The story of dhulqarnayn mentioned in the quran, may be a reference to alexander iii of. The story of dhul qarnain is found clearly in sura alkahf of the quran. To me, it is undeniable that dhul qarnayn was alexander the great. Free download or read online another urdu book about sacrifice and eiduladha. Yasir qadhi tafseer surah al kahf part 17 story of dhul. The thesis that was long most prevalent about dhul qarnayn was that it was another alexander of macedonia known as the great.

All ahs messenger encouraged learning and reciting. If you want to know the location of the wall or dam built. The only king whose actions come closer to dhul qarnayn is the persian king cyrus who in fact traveled in all the three directions that dhul qarnayn traveled in. Ibn kathirs tafsir on the quran verses about dhul qarnayn clearly asserts a flat earth theory. The map below shows the part of the visual ontology for this concept. Yajooj and majooj a quranic story the name of hazrat dhul qarnain is sikandar alexandra. On t hese circum st ances in t he holy quran t he st ory of dhul qarnayn is m ent ioned in 18 chapt ers verse 83 83. Dhul qarnayn is literally in arabic for he of the two horns or he of the two centuries. The story of dhulqarnayn from the quran islamicboard. Theories, views and arguments on dhul qarnayn with the establishment of raghib as an astute scholar, we now turn to his book and will focus on r aghibs examination of the theories, views and arguments on dhul qarnayn by a plethora of scholars. American philological association, 3rd annual meeting program philadelphia, 5 january 2002 36. I have done a report on this so if you are interested, i will send you a copy. A socalled iskandar dhul qarnayn in a bactrian painting. All those who opposed him and were inimical to him were destroyed by these supernatural phenomena.

One night i was asking myself, who is dhul qarnayn. The quran narrates the story of how allah establishes dhul qarnayn as a powerful ruler on earth and allows the king the freedom to do with his subjects as he pleases. The surah ends with a conclusion containing warning, reassurance and instruction. Pdf my story by mohammed bin rashid al maktoum download. They said, o dhulqarnayn, indeed gog and magog are great corrupters in the land. Download my story pdf book by mohammed bin rashid al maktoum it is said that the kings of the earth are four. The quran describes dhul qarnayn travelling to the setting place of the sun and seeing it setting into a murky. Stream tracks and playlists from dhulqarnayn on your desktop or mobile device. Dhul qarnayn, zulqarnain, quran science, scientific, miracles, of the quran, miracle error, quran and bible in light of science, mistake, scientists, hadiths, christian answers muslims, question. Anyway, he argues that dhul qarnain is akhenaten, that he abdicated in favor of his son tutankhamen and then traveled the world.

The story of dhul qarnayn appears in sixteen verses of the quran, specifically verses 18. Once again a period of divine blessings has entered upon us with the opportunity to reap rewards, forgiveness and spiritual elevation. I was dreaming of a trip or an expedition to explore his place. Rafail, an honoured angel and friend of dul qarnayn, would visit him from time to time. He roared like a lion in every town and caused lightening, thunder, and darkness. Dhul qarnayn ontology of quranic concepts from the. Unlocking the secrets of dhulqarnain akhenaten and. Ahkaam eiduladhaoqurbani is a short urdu book about qurbani and eid ul adha. Encyclopedia britannica, daira maarif islamiyah and other research books seem to be a failure in satisfying the readers in this respect.

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