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In december of 2015, paramount pictures and cbs filed a lawsuit against axanar claiming they infringed on. Axanar productions axanar is a web feature that tells the story of. Star trek axanar full movie, star trek news, star trek std, star trek. Captains log february 15th, 2018 axanar productions.

Star trek axanar prelude to axanar full film official video. This website, the promotion thereof andor any exhibition of. It was his first attempt to shorten the 90minute axanar feature film into two 15minute episodes of the four years war in a similar mockumentary style to prelude to axanar. Star trek fan film axanar sued by cbs, paramount collider. The incredible fan film that finally reveals the details of the fouryear war between the klingons and the federation is online, and you need to. And the upcoming feature film, which is still in production, can also be released on youtube, but only as two 15minute segments without. Star trek fanmade film axanar eyes production in atlanta this. Late last year, the creators of the short star trek fan film prelude to axanar were preparing to start work on its featurelength followup, axanar. The short is a historical look at the battle of axanar, filmed like a history channel special. The suit concerns axanar and the prequel film prelude to axanar, collectively referred to as the axanar works. Winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events. Published on jul 16, 2015 were proud to present for your viewing pleasure the first scene filmed and completed for the featurelength film axanar, which features gary graham reprising his role as. If you want to see true, dyed in the wool trek, watch prelude to axanar and get ready for the ride of your life.

We need to build a complete set of starship sets from scratch. These are the new voyages of the starship enterprise. The leader and visionary of the axanar project, alec is the epitome of someone who discovers their calling and succeeds in pursuing it. Talking about crysstals new film, legend of the dawnrider. Prelude to axanar 2014 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Fan film friday a new trailer from pacific 201 and an interview with eric henry by jonathan lane fan films pacific 201 was initially crowdfunded with a. Star trek axanar prelude to axanar full film official.

This is the best independent star trek short film ever made, and the full length, upcoming feature film will blow everyone away. Were proud to present for your viewing pleasure the first scene filmed and completed for the featurelength film axanar, which features gary graham reprising his role as ambassador soval and kim. Speaking to the crowd at paramounts star trek fan event, where the studio debuted the second trailer for beyond, abrams openedup about the lawsuit against axanar, stating. They never actually said who they fought on axanar so the makers of this film are taking huge liberties because this is. Star trek and all related marks, logos and characters are owned by cbs studios inc. Interview with star trek tpol cosplayer sophia nerovnaya. Prelude to axanar is an independent project that discusses the war between the federation and the klingon empire leading up to the battle of axanar. Axanar has settled its lawsuit with paramount over its. Prelude to axanar short is online, and better than anything. Between its short, prelude to axanar and the proposed fulllength feature film axanar, creator alec peters and his team raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The axanar fanpage is going to be doing a miniseries graphic novelcomic nothing too big mind you, about 3 full length colored pages longlike i said mini, expanding upon if you will but still being directly tied into the story of axanar more closely to prelude to axanar. Cbs, paramount settle lawsuit over star trek fan film. Axanar tony todd in prelude to axanar 2014 gary graham in prelude to. Teaser trailer released for star trek fan film axanar. Enterprise ncc1701 illustrated handbook for online. The 2014 star trek fan film, prelude to axanar, is considered by many the best fan film ever made, winning 46 film festival awards worldwide. The axanar works infringes plaintiffs works by using innumerable ed elements of star trek, including its settings, characters, species, and themes, the complaint.

They released their first scene, the vulcan scene, in 2015. Making the jump from lawyer to ncaa and us national team volleyball coach to successful entrepreneur, developing a sports management firm, a technology company and a successful auction house. Sign up for the axanar newsletter to get all the up to date info on what is happening at axanar. Axanar is a web feature that is the story of garth of izar and the battle of axanar, one of the pivotal events in the history of the federation. Excitement for the project soared upon the release of last years prelude to axanar, a 21 minute short film, presented as a history channelstyle retelling of the events preceding axanar, complete with interviews and reenactments. This 21minute short film, prelude to axanar, premiered saturday, july. By alec peters ares studios, axanar news, axanar production notes the final video update for 2019 finds axanar in the middle of shooting. If you missed it, no worries, you can check out that replay right. Axanar productions can produce the story of axanar, but not as a fulllength, motion picture feature. They can continue to show their prequel film prelude to axanar on youtube, as long as its commercial free and doesnt make any money. All exhibitions of prelude to axanar must be noncommercial.

For all intents and purposes, the axanar team lost the lawsuit, since theyll still be required to abide by the guidelines. Jonathan lanes fan film will take place inthe axanar. But now axanar is something i do while doing a few other things like making a living, selling some of my star trek collection in order to help pay for axanar, create a program for high school film students so they can use the studio, help friends start a. Prelude to axanar is the award winning short film that is unlike anything you have seen from a star trek fan film.

Axanar productions can continue to distribute prelude to axanar on youtube and at film festivals and conventions but not at official star trek events or conventions. First look at axanar, the star trek war movie weve. Prelude to axanar is a 2014 fanmade short film, directed by christian gossett and written by gossett and alec peters. First look at axanar, the star trek war movie weve waited. I interviewed paul shortly thereafter, and youre welcome to read what he had to say here but then axanar went pretty quiet over the holiday season and through the entire month of january. In the settlement, axanar productions and its owner, alec peters, acknowledged that the film and its prequel, prelude to axanar, were were not approved by. Lawsuit against star trek fan film axanar will proceed. While it was the former star trek film series helmer that addressed the issue during the event, he credited beyonds director, justin lin, for actually saving. Star trek fan film axanar to start filming again in october daily. The axanar production is perhaps one of star treks bestknown and most controversial fan productions. Axanar is the independent star trek film which proves that a featurequality.

Axanar productions the company that planned to launch a featurelength, fansupported star trek film has reached a settlement with holders cbs studios and paramount pictures. Axanar has settled its lawsuit with paramount over its star trek fan film. Peters told variety hes perplexed that paramount and cbs had filed the suit since hes pledged that it wont be a moneymaking. Its thursday, events day, so ive got a bundle of stories focused on helping you feel connected from the comfort of your home. There was also good news about the new studio itself, which was christened owc studios when the multimilliondollar other world computing owc digital, which had supplied editing hardware and software for prelude to axanar, became an official corporate sponsor for the studio, providing financial resources that will help the new studio get onto its feet and establish itself in the rapidly. You will literally sit at the edge of your seat with your mouth agape as you watch this story unfold. Figures from both sides discuss how the war began, how the klingons were better prepared for war, how the federation built their starfleet, and how the war was fought from both the federation and. Set in the star trek universe, the film stars kate vernon, tony todd, richard hatch, gary graham, and j. If youre a star trek fan, this short film will bring all the excitement of the franchise back to the forefront of your mind. Produced by alec peters and funded via kickstarter, the project began with the release of prelude to axanar in 2014.

The idea was to followup prelude to axanar up with a featurelength film showing the actual battle, but prelude to axanar proved popular enough to get the attention of cbs and paramount pictures. Prelude to axanar is a short film that will give viewers a historical look at the events leading up to the battle of axanar, the central event of the film axanar. Last october, it was announced that marvel comics writer paul jenkins would be joining alec peters as cowriter of the 2part axanar fan film allowed by the settlement with cbs and paramount. Axanar productions axanar is a web feature that tells. It had its public debut july 26, 2014 at the san diego comiccon. Axanar intended to show the battle of axanar in full. After the success of prelude to axanar, peters launched a new crowdfunding campaign to make a full length axanar movie. This wasnt an appropriate way to deal with the fans. Prelude to axanar is a 2014 american fan made short film, directed by christian gossett and written by christian gossett.

The last few years have been difficult for the production team behind the star trek fan film axanar, with their ambitious project getting them sued by. The producers posted a short film prelude to axanar. The key mistake made with the finished mini film prelude to axanar was that they released it without paramounts blessing its to bad the axanar production team didnt go to cbs paramount with that finished 20 minute short as a pitch for the idea to produce something jointly in full corporation and support of the studio. For the best experience please update your browser. Picking up from where the original 5year mission leftoff, a new cast continues the adventures of this legendary crew. In december of 2015, paramount pictures and cbs filed a lawsuit against axanar claiming they infringed on its rights to star trek. We also talked about geoff fagien from reach films and paul jenkins from meta studios, who were there at ares studios this weekend as well. And of course we saw that amazing axanar trailer like about half dozen times. The battle of axanar and garth of izar are both mentioned in the tos episode whom gods destroy, where a maddened garth is the antagonist and tortures kirk. Star trek axanar fan film finally settles lawsuit with. Just weeks after a us district court judge rejected the claims of fair use from the producers of the star trek fan film axanar, paramount and. Star trek popular fan film axanar resumes production.

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